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16 Facebook Page Best Practices that Will Make Your Page Shine

16 Facebook Page Best Practices that Will Make Your Page Shine

Reposted from a March 25, 2014 post by Brandon Gaille in Facebook

Second-hand cheese

Second hand cheese


Street Art Paris III (9 November 2013 MeetUp)

Amphitheatre / Parc de Belleville

Amphitheatre / Parc de Belleville

Paris Street Art Tour III Group

Paris Street Art Tour III Group

Parc de Belleville

Parc de Belleville

Mosaics on columns @ top of Parc de Belleville

Mosaics on columns @ top of Parc de Belleville

Warming up with a coffee on a chilly fall day

Warming up with a coffee on a chilly fall day

Coffee, tea, hot cocoa – anything to warm our chilled bodies!

Street Artist on rue Denoyez Paris 75011

Street Artist getting funky on rue Denoyez Paris 75011

Jacky Chan x 2

Jacky Chan x 2


M. CHAT appears all across Paris and is the work of artist Thomas Vuille.

Melbourne's most famous street artist #Vexta also decorates a wall in Paris 11eme

Melbourne’s most famous street artist #Vexta also decorates a wall in Paris 11eme

Shepard Fairey + Chiot_8094 on rue Saint Maur Paris 11

Shepard Fairey (the artist behind 2008’s Obama ‘HOPE’ poster) aka Obey Giant, did the portrait at the bottom inspired by an image he did from 1968 worldwide protests. Top graffiti is by Chiot_8094

Inner Child

The Inner Child on rue des Cascades


Street art central

Street art central


Verres / soleil / bar fermé au 42bis rue des Cascades



Gravures / rue de Savies 75020

Gravures / rue de Savies 75020

Rue des Cascades street art

Rue des Cascades street art

The Roots @ Le Zenith Paris, 23 June 2012

Heir soir j’étais au Zénith pour The Roots, groupe légendaire de Philadelphie qui a  joué leur funk/hip hop sans arrêt pendant une heure et demie + 2 encores – une énergie hallucinante !
This show definitely ranks within my top 10 concerts of all time.

They did The Seed (without Codi ChestnuTT) and major hits as well as a smattering of lesser known songs from their collection of 10 or so studio albums. During the second encore they sang You Got Me, normally with Erykah Badu. In both cases, the guitar player sang their parts. He was brilliant …sort of a mix of James Brown and Jimmy Hendrix.

The sousaphonist “Tuba Gooding Jr” is also quite a sight, constantly bobbing around while playing his giant tuba. And Questlove, fierce percussionist, sporting his signature Afro and hair pick.

Collectively The Roots are very tight, a beautifully cohesive group of musicians. They seamlessly weave in and out of hip hop, jazz, rock, funk and soul, including covers of The Beastie Boys, Curtis Mayfield’s Move on Up, Guns n Roses Sweet Child of Mine.
They are amazing showmen, jumping, dancing, laughing and clowning around on stage. They make it look easy and fun.
I saw them in a small club in Boston when I was 19. They were just babies (so was I!), but even then it was an explosive scene. Last night I felt once again blown away. What craftsmanship, what passion!
If you ever get the chance to see them live, needless to say, DO IT!


Christian from Toulouse was in town for a week following his visit to his sister to meet his newborn baby niece. I also got to meet baby Fantine last weekend at the maternity in Poissy. What a little angel, with giant hands and feet! Here she is at just 3 days old.
It was a nonstop, action-packed week full of so many wonderful things including new musical discoveries thanks to Christian being a music freak and going CD shopping every day and bringing home stacks of discs and then playing them and singing along. I particularly liked Jimi Tenor, Shneider TM, El Guincho, Thomas Dybdahl, and a Squarepusher record.

Christian was our guest invite for cine club. Halfway through a rather simple dinner of salad and rice (the main course had to be thrown out as it had turned rancid) we caught wind that old mate Simon whom we had not seen or heard from in years was in Paris and it was his last night. 

We watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and enjoyed ice cream, genepi and Chartreuse, then raced out to meet Simon at O’Sullivan’s pub. It was midnight on Sunday night! I ordered a blow job shot. We didn’t get home till 3. Simon was as adorable and sweet as ever.

We attended diverse shows like Example @ La Fleche d’or — really awful. This was  Nicole’s suggestion. Lesson:  I will sample the music first rather than attending a show blindly and deafly.

Then there was Xiu Xiu @ Le Point Ephemere – rather good although a bit difficult.

With Anne Bonpain we did 2 expos (Degas et le nu and Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931). Une passion finlandaise) at the Musee D’Orsay – splendid and the Gothic masterpiece la Basilique de Saint-Denis.

We feasted on lovely Indian and  falafel and other veggies dinners with Kingfisher beers and Chilean wines.  I also took Christian to the neighborhood hot spots including Jeita and La Timbale. Too bad the bartender was really surly and bitchy. Cocktails were good, though.

We slept in and ate lavish breakfasts with kiwis, mushroom and cilantro omelettes, pastries, butternut squash, banana nut pancakes.

Oh and I mustn’t forget our visit to Tuileries Gardens and la place Colette at la Comédie-Française near Palais Royale.

Other afterhours activities included La Maroquinerie (I turned up super late and missed the entire festival), the Goguette, the ChaCha and Lizard Lounge followed by late night chats.

Chris Rock and Julie Delpy

Julie Delpy and Chris Rock gave Christian a proper sending off at the screening of the forthcoming film 2 Days in New York last night.

What a whirlwind week!


Au revoir, Aussois


I spent one snowy, bitter cold week of wintery sporty fun in the Savoie in the French Alps near the Italian border. It was so wonderful to be reunited in the mountains with Christian whom I learned to snowboard with many years ago when I was an exchange student in Grenoble.

I was nervous after all these years, but surprised myself by not only finding my snowboard legs again but also trying some other things for the first time in my life like snowshoes and cross country skiing. I also tried downhill skiing on my last day and quite enjoyed it. Hurray! All went well on the slopes.

Evenings were spent thawing out over the best hot wines in town as well as the occasional genepi and puppet show. At night we shared wonderful home-cooked meals, each person taking a turn hosting and cooking for the group. On the mene were things like raclette, pumpkin tarte, cauliflower and leek soup, tortilla espanol, plus salads and local cheeses and wines. Breakfasts included divine fruit tartes and hearty whole wheat bread with butter and fruit perserves. Mmmmm.

Il faisait horriblement froid, mais c’était une semaine merveilleuse. Beaucoup de snowboard + une journée de raquettes (et raclatte comme diner) + une grande journée de ski de fond (15 km). En plus, j´ai tenté le ski alpin et je l´ai plutôt bien aimé ! Une bonne surprise car la première (et dernière) fois, il y a 20 ans, m´a trop traumatisé …

Lilly Wood and the Prick @ Casino de Paris

Lilly Wood and the Prick´s last show after 2 years on tour was held at the Casino de Paris on 18th November.

It was a lively performance to a packed house. The singer got emotional more than once, thanking the crew, producers, record label, each band member…. she even said laughed saying ¨can you believe I picked this one up in a bar¨ before giving him a big kiss on stage. Woohoo!

They came out and did a big encore, and the singer asked in tears if everybody would sing along.

Talk about going out with a bang —  everyone cheered and sang along as golden confetti was shot out onto the audience during the last song.

A strong finish …