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PJ Harvey / John Parish at the Bataclan

The show last night was fantastic. She is a dynamite, daring singer and
performer. She speaks/raps, whispers, cries, and sings from her
gut. She may be petite in stature but she is almighty on stage.

The content was limited to songs from the 2 albums with John Parish,
one from about 10 years ago, as well as the brand new release. She was
kind enough to announce this from the beginning so that no one would
be too surprised not to hear the most well-known songs from the other
records. I guess those will have to wait for the next tour! Still I don’t think
the fans were disappointed. On the contrary they demanded 2 encores. Each of
the songs they performed were unique, the music complex and velvety rich.

Though he co-wrote both albums and was co-headlining, John Parish
stood modestly playing his guitar most of the time, as though just
another member of the band, but finally sang with PJ on the last
track. Turns out he’s got a lovely voice! Together, they sounded gorgeous.
Ms. Harvey walked away with a huge bouquet of lilies from a fan.


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