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Summertime, and the living is … chilly

According to the calendar, it’s summertime. Although I’ve had to dig into my bags of summer clothes to grab a t-shirt here and there, I’ve still not officially unpacked them. Why not? It’s bloody cold outside! Thick socks, knee-high boots and wool scarves – those things usually reserved for autumn and winter – are still in high demand these days, much to my dismay. I am using my electric space heater and I’m still fighting a cold that’s been lingering for more than 2 weeks. The days are getting longer. The sky remains lit even after 10 pm – a sure sign of summer. Yet it still feels like winter.

I used to dread the summers in Dallas. The heat was so stifling during the bulk June, July and August, most of it was spent in swimming pools or in the frosty air conditioning of any indoor space. I remember the sun’s oppressive rays causing me to nearly pass out, even on a short distance across a parking lot towards a shopping mall or restaurant (Dallas’ main pastimes are shopping & eating out). Having grown up in a climate with 4 distinct seasons, summers seemed unnaturally long as well, starting in April and sometimes lasting until Halloween and beyond. I even wore shorts one Christmas!

Parisian summers are quite the opposite – they are quick and chilly. Last year’s Paris plage was a joke… weather during 3 out of the 4 weeks was cloudy and rainy with temperatures barely cracking the teens. When it does finally warm up, it doesn’t last long, so you better be ready to go outside and enjoy it while it lasts!

I’m longing for warmth. I’d love a taste of that Dallas heat right now. I want to break out the tank tops, sandals and flowy skirts. I want to picnic in the sun. I want to sit and sweat.

But as the saying goes, the grass is always greener. Actually, in the case of North Texas, it is usually scorched yellow by now. I guess I can be patient a bit longer.


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