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Paris cinema festival!

Dang it, it’s true, you really do lose when you show up late for these “avant première“s…even only by 5 minutes. Next time, I guess!
Update: I did manage to see 4 films at the festival!!

1. La Nuit Américain – My first François Truffaut film! Hurray! Enjoyable in a quirky way. Possibly the inspiration for Steven Soderberg’s Full Frontal.

2. Avant premiere: London Nights (original title in English: Unmade Beds), released in 2008. Introduced by the director & writer, Alexis Dos Santos. An absolute gem!

3. Marching Band – a documentary about life in the marching bands of 2 rivaling universities in Virginia during the lead up to the presidential election of 2008. Loved it.

4. Avant premiere: The Reader. Brilliant!


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