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Brunch + hipster garage sale + live music = the Broc’dej

In a hidden little venue off the Canal St. Martin every Sunday during summer you can shop for vintage clothes, enjoy free concerts by some of Paris’ up and coming musical talent, and indulge in a gorgeous brunch (6 euros for organic coffee/tea, fresh juice, pastries, bread, butter & jams — or 4 euros for savory tarts with salad or eggs & bacon).

The venue feels like an artist’s workshop / green house / studio / dining room with a lush green garden and patio area. The vibe is very branché but still familial – there were young parents everywhere and a kids’ birthday party going on next to us. Too bad we missed Jasmine Vegas’s concert! I don’t know who is playing next time but count me in for the brunch with the impressive selection of all you can eat bread and jams on each table – including sweet chestnut spread and a huge jar of one of the best foods ever invented – Nutella! Mmm…See you at the next Broc’déj?


2 responses

  1. george of the jungle

    who s that charm guy on the pic? think i ve seen him b fore

    27 July 2009 at 5:32 pm

  2. Eduardo-Jorge

    by the way, my blog,,kiss

    2 August 2009 at 11:44 am

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