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August in Paris

I’ve been on a bit of a computer hiatus, first on vacation to Morocco but also working a bit too hard and when work’s done, switching off quickly and heading outside! Luckily this August there has been some nice weather, though a few days were scorching hot last week. So I missed Paris Plage this year – there is always next year. I did however go to the inaugural film of the Cinema au Clair de Lune in the 18th to see Casque D’Or.

Have also been swimming a few times – most recently at the Pailleron in the 19th one evening. I’d been wanting to check this pool out for months as, per the website, it is maintained with some sort of ozone method which doesn’t require any chemicals. A chlorine-free pool sounded too good to be true, and in fact, it was. There was no denying the strong smell of chlorine in the changing cabins. According to one of the lifeguards, only a small part of the purifying system has to do with ozone, and the rest is good old-fashioned chlorine! What a let down! The website was a wild exaggeration. Once we changed and found some empty lockers, we made our way up to the pools. The first room had 3 different sized pools, each rather small, full of kids splashing around. At first I thought that was it! Then we found the lap pool. Not surprisingly it was packed, and there were only 2 lanes for lap swimmers in the middle of the giant pool; on the sides people were just splashing around although they could have done the same in any of the 3 other small splashing pools just next door. There were also strict rules to follow within the 2 lanes. It was “fast swimmers only” in one lane while the other was for debutants, those using flotation devises or accessories (rubber feet, kickboards, etc). Once I finally did locate a kick board and started warming up, it was politely pointed out to me that I was in the wrong lane and had to switch. Boo! The showers drains were stopped up and the locker rooms were a mess by closing time. Unfortunately we bought a 10-visit punch card instead of single tickets, so I guess we’ll be going back at some point.

Summer is definitely coming to a close fast, but I’ll stay in denial for a bit longer…


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