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Week starting 15 November

Off to a good start so far!

My 10 day Bikram yoga spree ran out yesterday, so no more stinky hot yoga. But it feel right to get back into yoga, so am thinking I will connect again with Red Earth Centre to take some classes. I need to be cross-training, not just jogging.

Monday – walk/run – 8 pm – for 45 minutes @ the stade. Windy, humid, and not very cold at all.

Thursday – evening walk/bike ride. Easy. Not feeling so great this week.

Sunday am – 50 minute/14 or 15 laps around the track x 400m = 6 k run with Jorge’s participation. Yeah! Today’s run was a very difficult and challenging feat for which I am SUPER proud of myself for completing. It was nothing like the previous 5k last week where I felt rather good throughout (though was terribly tired after).

Today it was misery. I was sluggish and in a very negative mindset during most of the hour. I couldn’t wait for it to be over. Why was today so crappy? Perhaps the few glasses of wine the night before contributed to my lack of energy and grumpiness. Nor was I properly dressed for the strong winds… my hood kept flying off. The biggest annoyance of all though: the footballers. Despite having access to 2 massive playing fields and plenty of space around the track to kick their balls around, they insisted on warming up on the track itself, dominating one entire corner of the track across several lanes, paying absolutely no mind to us runners. I wasn’t in a very tolerant mood and nearly started shouting and cursing them in English on a few occasions, but figured I had better save every bit of energy for the remaining laps. It did get a little easier towards the 12-13th lap, but I was soooo glad to finally hit 15!!

Above all today’s run was extra challenging because I made a considerable effort to ran faster. (If my goal is to run 21K in 2 hours, then I need to keep increase my speed.) Pumping my arms and using special breathing techniques to keep from panting, I might have slightly overdone it. I’m still only 2 weeks into training after all. Even if everyone on the track was still passing me up, including Jorge, I’m better off not comparing. Practice and patience are the way forward. I’ll get there in time.

We came home and did some additional stretching. Unlike the previous big runs, which kicked my ass the rest of the day, today I’ve been full of energy and feeling GREAT. Hurray!


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