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WEEK 2 starting Monday 21st December – holidays

Off to a good start!

Mondays are usually reserved for ‘stretch/strengthen’ but it’s OK to swap activities around as necessary. I really felt like jogging, so I got all bundled up for the cold and headed to the stadium to do an easy 5K. But the track was closed due to icy conditions, so I had to take to the streets. I continued up Poissonier to the cemetary and then headed toward the center of St Ouen. I ran on quiet residential streets, as well as familiar busy boulevards. Tempting through it was to stop for a vin chaud at the Christmas market in front of the Mairie of St Ouen, I decided I had better keep on moving. It was really cold out and I wanted to get home before much longer. I was looking for the Rue des Rosiers but ended up headed towards the Porte de Clignancourt via Docteur BAUER, which was a much longer route. Finally a sign pointed me towards the flea markets / Rue des Rosiers. I started in that direction and was home in no time.

Running in the streets among the masses was less hectic than I was expecting, and definitely more interesting then doing dull loops around the track over and over again. I will mainly stick to the track as I prefer the surface and the ability to accurate measure what distance I’m running, but for sure I’ll incorporate the occasional run through the streets in future trainings.

Tues – Might have done a little stretching @ home – can’t remember. Wed – off.

Thursday 24th – Ran 37 minutes – 5Km.

Friday 25thChristmas day walk around Paris. From place Concorde through the xmas market and then to movie theatre on the Champs near Roosevelt metro. Following the movie we walked back to Concorde, stopped for a vin chaud under the Ferris wheel, then continued along Rivoli and the arcades of the Louvre, then up the Rue du Louvre hoping to catch the bus 85. But it wasn’t circulating so we continued towards Les Halles, briefly considering queuing up for the Vivaldi concert at St. Eustache, but then bailed when we heard the ticket prices (24 euros!). According to Google maps, we walked about 5 Km total.

Saturday 26th – ran 4.5 km in 30 minutes on the track. Not so easy despite sunny weather. Was gasping for breath the whole time. Probably a result of lots of heavy holiday food and drink.

Sunday 27th
– Rollers! Postponing 8 km run until tomorrow (or Tuesday) so I can do some cross training on rollerblades. It’s been ages and the weather is looking nice.

Here’s the map. Distance: 23 km. And some uphill climbs.

…… a few hours later:
Wow, excellent workout indeed. I’m exhausted.


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