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NOEL Lineup

Friday 18 December – Worth mentioning, even though it’s not technically ‘out and about,’ was our 5th cine club gathering. Our host, Jorge, prepared a delicious dinner in spite my annoying hovering in the kitchen. We were debating several films but finally Jorge decided on Hitchock’s Spellbound. Everyone enjoyed it. Afterwards, we sampled my first attempt at homemade rhubarbe merengue pie. The merengue itself was gorgeous but disappointingly, the filling and crust were borderline raw. Oh well, now I know how to correct the recipe next time! Caroline was sick and we missed her terribly but she had already seen the movie. It’s her turn to host our next movie night in January…

Saturday 19 December – Walked all around Montmartre in the snowy freezing cold weather. Treated myself to a sparkly little gold and black vinyl handbag from the 2nd annual Fashion Market (SPECIALE NOEL CREATEURS) at the Place Charles Dullin near the Anvers/Sacré Coeur. Scored a Christmas pressie for moi!! Because I deserve it!! Said purse was meant to be used primarily for concerts to have my arms free, but am using it day and night nonstop! Check the photos…

Saturday 19th – LES “09” ANS DE MAINS D’ŒUVRES – Saint-Ouen

We kicked things off with a drink at ours then froze our butts off walking briskly to the venue. Entrance was free before 22h and there was no queue when we turned up at 21h55! This party had the same ambiance of a Fireman’s ball meets Nuit Blanche. We spent lots of time wondering around the 2 stories exploring the various themed rooms with live music, expositions, dancing lessons, a high school mixer type DJs who was really into his 80s hits like that Run DMC Christmas song and Bon Jovi, food and bevvies. My favorite performance was by an outrageous cabarock trio called Little Ballroom. The singer played accordian and guitar, teasing the crowd in her tight leopard print body and huge headpiece with feathers. She was vulgar and crass, her songs clever and edgy… on fire!

Meanwhile, upstairs we found the DJ jumping and thrashing around like a madman on stage, doing a semi-strip tease, getting way into his 80s tunes! The crowd was loving it too and the vibe was energetic. Miguel tried to convince us to stay and drink more wine, but nothing could top Little Ballroom. The night was young, and the party was rocking, but at 2 am we decided to head home.

To our surprise outside, cop cars, vans, about 15 riot police were blocking our access to rue des Rosiers towards the Porte de Clignancourt. Could the 7 or 8 harmless looking young people standing on the other side of the police shields have possibly evoked such an exaggerated reaction? Or had we just missed a violent clash? It was bitter cold out and I was not in the mood to have to find an alternate route home through the desolate streets and stalls of the empty flea market. When we eventually got home, we defrosted/debriefed over a hot mint tea, deciding this was one of the holiday events of the season. Good thing it was in the neighborhood!!

Friday, 25th December

 Merry Christmas!!!!


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