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Wop bamadoo wop, wop bam boom!

Amy was my guest for the French version of the Broadway musical at the Palais du Congres on Sunday. Grease definitely didn’t disappoint. The set and costumes were spectacular. The actors were dynamite – especially Frenchie, Kinicki (total beefcake), Rizzo (pronounced Rit-zo in French!), and Patty Simkock.

Things didn’t go exactly as in the movie. For example, Rizzo struts out and adds her own verse at the end of the Grease Lightening scene. Danny was much more of a playboy than I remember from the movie. Except for Summer Nights, all songs were translated into French and they were shuffled around a bit. Obviously, some cultural references required additional modifying, such as ‘Sandra Dee,’ which became ‘Sainte Sandy’.

The live show was slightly sleazier than the film, too. Three naked men in Lady GaGa style bubble suits pop out of the showers in a locker-room scene and dance around the other boys. Marty & Vince Vontaine can be seen visibly humping behind a curtain at the high school dance scene. Are the London and New York versions this trashy too, or is it only in Paris!? Did the parents in the audience regret having brought their young kids?

As Amy pointed out, there’s no getting around the central message of Grease. Whore yourself out if you want to fit in and be cool. Although this leaves something to be desired, I didn’t let it spoil the experience. It was a fantastic production overall. Grease is the word. Thanks for the tickets, Lizzie!


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