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WEEK 6 ATL-Paris starting 18th January

Monday 18th Jan – ATL. 5K jog around Kirkwood area. Hilly! Perfect weather – sunny & springlike weather.

Tuesday 19th & Wed 20th – Traveling. Uncomfortable. Major lack of sleep.

Thursday 21st – jetlagged! Woke up at 13h after getting 13 hours of sleep!!!! Must have been pretty tired. At 17h30 I ran 5k around the track in about 32 minutes.

Friday 22nd – off.

Saturday 23rd – “Restoring the essense” yoga workshop @ Red Earth Centre. Three blissful hours of shiatsu and yoga, focusing on the kidney and the bladder meridians. I feel great, though part of it might be due to that shot of Patron Silver tequilla taken before dinner!!! Mmmm.

Sunday 24th (tomorrow) will have to do a big run… 14k is the goal….


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