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The Sofia Lorenians @ L’International

Last night I caught the end of the The Sophia Lorenians set at l’International in the 20th. This Paris-New York indie band put on a foot stomping good show. I wish I’d been able to see it all, but couldn’t skip my singing class (8 to 10 pm). Once finally out the door and on my way to the venue, I got stuck on super slow trains on the line 4 full of manic Algernian football fans decked in white and green flags and jerseys. Some were drunk and loud and all were in various states of excitement, but none seem elated, so I figured the match didn’t end in a victory for them. When I finally got off the line 4 at Barbes, loads of riot police were poised to pounce in case any of them got out of hand. I hurried through the station and jumped on the line 2 before I got caught in any scuffles.

The show was lots of fun and aftewards a DJ started playing all sorts of jams, from modern, wave, classic, and oldies rock to hip hop and just about everything in between. Although none of us were planning to stay that long, we lost track of time on the dance floor. Just before 1 am we put on our coats and raced to catch the last metro, but it was already too late.

We had to fight for a taxi in the rain, staking out different corners of the intersection of the rue & blvd Menilmontant but we finally managed to hail one and get home safely.

As it turns out Algeria were eliminated in the semi-final against their arch-enemies, Egypt. Here’s a summary of last night’s match taken from Football365.Fr:
Après l’élimination de l’Algérie face à l’Egypte, jeudi soir en demi-finale à l’issue d’une lourde défaite (4-0), Rabah Saadâne, le sélectionneur algérien, se sent lésé. Il s’en est expliqué après la rencontre au micro d’Orange Sport.


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