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WEEK 7 Paris starting 25 January

Monday – Nothing.

Tues & Wed – Woke up with a cold. Didn’t leave the house. Barely left the kitchen!

Thursday – Started feeling a bit better. Went to singing class and to see some music to celebrate Caroline’s birthday. Ended up dancing!! Finally, some activity!

I also spoke to a marathoner friend who advised that instead of adding 1 km to big weekend run, I should be increasing time (say, 5 extra minutes). The idea is to be able to run long distances in a relaxed manner, and not to have to worry about counting laps or measuring precise distances. I will try that going forward.

Friday – 30 minutes of yoga and lifted light weights for the arms. Feel good!

Saturday – Gym! Abs & buttocks  + body balance class. Wonderful. Just what I needed.

Sunday – I had the best of the best intentions. I really did. But I should have gone for the run BEFORE brunch. Instead I spent most of Sunday, in my running clothes, on the sofa (working so all was not totally lost, but still….). Lesson learned is run first then brunch. Eventually I did get off the couch to go for a walk up to the Sacre Coeur then down to Pigalle with an unexpected karaoke pit stop @ the Epoque bar. Sunday night is the best time to sing karaoke. The place was empty. All it took was one hot wine and I was up on stage singing the female part of “Don’t you want me baby?”


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