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Week 9 already!

Monday 8th February 2010 – Stretch/strengthen. Abdos/fessiers + body balance + 5 minutes in the sauna @ the gym

Tuesday – It’s snowing! Gym for “Bras poitrine épaules” & 45 minutes of stretching. I’m going to be sore tomorrow.

Wed – More snow. I’m staying inside!

  Thursday – treated myself to a 5K run @ the gym to celebrate my birthday. Really don’t like treadmills but it was cold and snowy outside. Tried out the Pose Method, and it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Somehow I did feel a bit lighter and more efficient.

Per the website, the Pose Method® of Running is “a better way to run. Developed in former Soviet Union in the 70’s and included in the textbooks at the turn of the 21 century, Pose Running was published in America in the 90’s and is now taught and practiced all over the world. It is used by athletes of all levels and non-athletes of all ages.” 

Friday12 February – trying to stay ahead of the copious chocolates tempting me with Valentine’s day right around the corner by stepping it up a bit! Despite the bitter cold, I was determined to go outside today, so headed to the stade. A sign outside the gate said track was closed due to icy conditions, but they buzzed me in anyway — one of the perks of being a regular, I guess — and I started my laps putting the Pose method again to the test. My calves were already sore from yesterday’s run and I could feel them getting a good workout. I also felt a bit of pulling near the right groin area. This had first started feeling sore during Sunday’s 10K but I thought I had worked it out with extra stretching.
There were more people out today than I’d have thought given the cold. Another runner commented on the bitter cold with a reply of “ca caille!” after I greeted him. A group of kids playing football were there as well as some girls shooting hoops and taking pictures. I was plodding along catching up on news about the Vancouver Olympics via Democracy Now!’s podcast and before I knew it I had already run 45 minutes. Despite some treacherous snowy patches and layer upon layer of clothing, I felt lighter on my feet with this Pose technique. Clothing today included 3 bottoms + legwarmers, 6 top pieces, a scarf, hat and purple earmuffs yet I was already starting to shiver while doing my post-run stretches at the track. Treated myself to a steaming hot lavender bubble bath when I got home. HECK YEAH!


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