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Chez Paula. I got taken to one of my favorite little restaurants in the neighborhood for a lovely lunch. I had a fresh carrot salad to start, a delectible broiled fish (plie meunière) with buttery potatoes, and a gorgeous mousse au chocolate for dessert. Delish! This was my 3rd time there and I discovered the owner is from Portugal. She’s a bit brusque at first but when she warms up, she’s super sweet. She doesn’t do any marketing at all but the place is always packed because the food is so fresh and good, without frills…”cuisine du marché sans tralala.” Gracias, J.P.!

That afternoon I attended a panel discussion at the American University in Paris called CEDAW, Education and Women’s Equal Opportunity: Impact for the U.S. and International Experience.

Chair: Dr. Leslie J. Limage
DAF Education Policy Group Chair and Comparative Education Expert

Ms. Lydia Ruprecht, UNESCO Gender Division
Speaking in personal capacity
CEDAW, a living mechanism for women’s rights : its impact on the status of women worldwide

Ms. Sayeeda Rahman UNESCO Education Sector
Speaking in personal capacity:
Women’s equal opportunity, CEDAW experience, micro-credit and education : Making a concrete difference

Dr. Oleg Kobtzeff
Fellow of the Royal Geographic Society,
Assistant Professor, American University of Paris
Women’s rights: universal and necessary; CEDAW: why ratification by the U.S. is urgent

Discussion themes: The United States and the treaty ratification dilemma; CEDAW and education; learning from international experience.

A fascinating panel discussion, I took copious notes and will follow up with the panelists to find out if SMD can be of any assistance in getting the CEDAW ratified in the US. This needs to be done now.

Amy and I then hailed a cab (we were already super late!) to the Piano Vache bar in the 5th near the Pantheon for 80s rock night. Kinda was hoping for dancing but was more of a straight up sitting around chatting & drinking kind of a night. Usual suspects were in attendance – Milton, Fab, Amy, Joel, Caro, and Jorge, who brought cupcakes and candles. Had lots of fun. There was no reseau in the bar tho so I missed a bunch of calls for my birthday, but later got caught up with everyone.

Jorge also had a sack full of party favors which we didn’t put to use until the metro ride home. A total blast!!


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