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Cab to Sunset

13th February – to celebrate Valentine’s day we had a girl’s night at the Caberet club, place du Palais Royale. They were touting free vodka & champagne before midnight so we thought, what the heck? We got dressed up and went for wine at Le Fourmis to get warmed up. As it turns out there was no champagne!! Worse, the vodka was mixed with orange juice at a ratio of 1 to 100. We weren’t really feeling the music or the crowd, either, so after 20 minutes, we left!!

On to the basement of the Sunset/Sunside jazz club, rue des Lombards near Les Halles to catch the 3rd & final set of NoJazz. Their set was as lively as I remember from all those years ago in Austin at sxsw music festival. Finally, some music we could dance too. I loved the venue as well, warm, classy, with a round tile wall that remind me a bit of a Metro stop.


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