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Colin à la meunière + soupe de choufleur et poireaux à la creme

I just had a delicious homemade dinner for one! Wonderful.

Now time for dessert… figs and yogurt and honey.

Oh and by the way recent trainings these past weeks have gone like this:

28 October 2010 10:15-11 ran 5K.

1 November Monday 5K.

3 November Wed 5km. Weather – nearly balmy! Unseasonably warm.

4 Nov Thurs 11:15 am Shiatsu

12:30 – 14 INTENSE yoga class.

5 Nov 5 km.

7 Nov – 8 km, 1 hr 7 mins. Weather drizzly and not too cold at all. Ran in the afternoon from here to metro Ourq and back via the Centquatre – a bit longer than the outgoing bit. Used my mantra and music on my mp3 player. Yeah!

10 Nov Tuesday – Ran 29 minutes in the afternoon – 5 Km maybe at the track? A fast one, if so. Not convinced, though.

12 Nov Thursday – Got period! Drizzly outside and windy. Had cramps but ran 5 km anyway at the track in the afternoon. Slow in the beginning but fast during the second half. All told 37 minutes (longer than I had thought). Used mantra and “… but it doesn’t matter.”

13 Nov Saturday 11:45 am Body balance and 10 + 10 in the sauna. YEAH!

14 Nov Sunday TODAY! Ran from here up to Quai de Clichy and back down, stopping off to do a lap at the new stade. Cloudy but rather warm out – this unseasonably warm weather continues. Used the mantra a few times. Had headphones. Took a small water bottle and carried it in my hand, switching hands with each new song.  Probably didn’t need the water bottle. Discovered new neighborhoods – namely, Clichy. Also found a sport center off Ave de la Porte St Ouen just behind the Blvd Ney, which I will probably make more use of in the future. It was massive, although track is 400 m just like the Stade de Poisonnier.

It’s 9:40 and I’m not going to sit on this computer all night. Feeling good in general about the run BUT am pretty tired. Will turn off computer now and put my feet up and read more “Courir Au Feminin” then go to bed.


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