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“Official training” week 1!

After finally kicking that nasty cold, I got back out there (or in some cases in the gym) and ran this week.  It was very cold and snowy for much of the week so I had to seek shelter indoors, and only did 2 short runs as opposed to 3 before my long weekend run.

Tuesday 30 November – 5 km.

Thursday 2 December – 5 km on the tread mill at the gym. Got off to a bad start and ended up cursing the treadmill out loud. I was frustrated because I couldn’t figure out how to adjust the speed. I must have made quite a disturbance at the gym – there was hardly anyone there at all so I must have stood out, cursing out loud (sometimes in English, too). A brave fella approached me and showed me how to do it. Thank goodness for him. I couldn’t wait for that run to be finished, was sort of cranky the whole time. Then I went upstairs and spent some time in the sauna. Wonderful.

Friday 3 December – 18h-19h Body balance. I was about 7 minutes late for this class and very cold when I arrived so left a few layers on and joined the class already in progress. There were new moves, yet again. And I was hoping the instructor would have been the smoker with the Kermit the Frog green trainers. I simply love his guided meditation/relaxation at the end of each class. But it was another women whom I’ve had before. Not thrilled. She was both super serious and also encouraging us not to be so serious and to respond to her silly jokes. I wasn’t having it. Being a fan of yoga and wanting to hold poses for longer than 2 seconds, I stayed in one of the poses longer than the rest of the group. In my years doing yoga, I was always encouraged to do what feels good and what my body needs at the moment. I like to take those opportunities when they present themselves. Not to mention it was cold enough to store meat in that studio, so I was trying to warm up. I wasn’t intending to be disruptive; besides, I was in the back of the room and was sure no one was bothered. But, she made a point to ask that we all stay together; that was the point of body balance was to move in sync with one another and appreciate the group ambiance together. But never really did. Ended up getting in the sauna. That did the trick! Ahhh. Wonderful.

Sunday 5 December 2010 – 10K or 10.4 K at the track 1 hr 10 minutes. A wonderful run today. After some very cold weather, temperature was about 5 degrees and cloudy. It started to sprinkle them hail a bit as I walked to the track. But I felt good, ready for a big run, determined not to let overcast skies ruin my run. I listened to music – the random selection was enjoyable. I only forwarded one or 2 songs, otherwise listened to whatever popped up. SInce hardly anyone was there, I remained on the inner ring for the entire 24-25 laps! It was just me and the elements for most of the course. Until some teenaged thugs came and in their usual style approached me, pretending like I wasn’t there. A few feet in front of me, one of them kicked the soccer HARD and it went right over my head. I flinched but then kept on running right past him while the thugs chuckled. Then another batch of kids picked up my rain jacket then dropped it on the track. I picked it up and yelled at them for such ill behavior, but they just kept on walking.

I found the positive mantra to be really, really helpful. In addition to the usual sentences, I added a few more lines like:

“Your calves are getting stronger with every step. Your tights are getting stronger with every step. Your heart… lungs… fingers… shoulders… brain… head… You look good and you feel good, etc.”

Several times, I had to remind myself that there was no tension in my back or shoulders (even if this wasn’t entirely true, still though I think it helped), and I had to remember to drop my arms. I also kept my gaze straight ahead of me and remembered to breath in via both nose & mouth.

Felt strong and steady throughout most of the run. Conserved energy till the end and even sped up the last lap and a half. Finished feeling like a happy trainer!


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