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Training week 2

Late start to the week in terms of running.

Wednesday 8 December at 20h30 – gym 5.5 km on the treadmill. Some walking but mostly running. Hated this run but did it anyway. Felt much, much better afterwards.

Thursday 9 December -14h30 slow jog outside in the sunshine. Stade was closed due to snow/ice. Temperature about 4 degrees? Ran about 4 km – 25 minutes.

Saturday 11 December – yoga @ RedEarthCentre. 1 hr and a half, wonderful.

Sunday 12 December – ran about 8 km outside in the sunshine. Gorgeous day. Felt good and strong throughout most of the run. Ran to the canal then up to the Villette then back via Blvd MacDonald/Ney. It was about 6 degrees or so. Felt strong. Stretched a lot afterwards on my yoga mat.

Read that it is also very important to stretch before running so I must start finding the time to do that.

P.S. Subtle reminder… I am a runner. I am getting stronger with every step. I am a (half) marathoner. I look good and I feel good and I love me.


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