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Training again after a cough & cold

I fell ill with a cough/cold that took ages to kick. But now I’m FINALLY over it.

Started running again yesterday, Christmas Day. It was a cold afternoon but bright and sunny. I was chasing the sunshine. From rue de Clignancourt all the way down to the Pont Neuf and then back up the Pont des Arts to the Louvre, total of 4.5 km.

Back to training, then. Starting now. I am a runner. I am a marathoner. I am getting stronger with each step. I look good and I feel good.


Update Tuesday 28 December 2010: went to the track and ran for just 1/2 hour, stopping every 10 minutes to stretch out my outer left calf which was feeling tender. It was cold and misty outside with leftover snow on the ground. The upper track was extremely slippery and treacherous, whereas the inner track was covered in old snow, so I stayed on the pavement surrounding the inner lower track and did about 10 laps or close to 4 km, then stretched, then walked home. Felt better in terms of mood but the run was no fun at all and I didn’t feel very much like a marathoner whatsoever. Must not forget the soundtrack…


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