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Tues 18th Interval training at the Tour Eiffel. Very cold evening. We were a group of about 6 or 7 people, most running the marathon. We did 12 x 30 second intervals. Intense! Admittedly, towards the end, there wasn’t much difference between my dashes & my recoveries, but still… was glad I went.

Thurs 20th had planned on doing the Aide et Action group training but was too late. Instead ran on the treadmill at the gym, about 7 km in about 45 minutes. Feeling rather good about this run. Lots of stretching afterward.

Saturday 22nd – group run in the Bois de Boulogne. Was planning to do 10 but ended up doing 14 Km! So what if it took a full 1 hr 45 minutes. I wasn’t aiming for speed, rather for distance. Ran with a group including Alex the German and a British women – forget her name. Both great running buddies. Was quite pleased with my performance and that fact that time flew by. Even talked some while running! That really changed things,Was so happy to be b as I’m so used to running by myself. Weather was quite chilly and slightly drizzly. Once back home I had a lovely hot shower and curled up for a nice afternoon snooze. Zzzzz…


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