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Birthday week! Four weeks to train

Ran Monday 7th February at the stadium. No notes, so can’t remember how it was. I think I did 6 km but not sure?

Yesterday Feb 10th did a quick one – only 3.2 but fast. Cloudy and colder than I was expecting.

Today is Feb 11th and I’m about to go for a run! Sunny and 16 degrees outside and it’s my birthday!

…. later that day. Great run! Warm and nice. I think I did 6 km but can’t remember.

That night was a big one!

Saturday 12th Feb – body balance & 20 minutes in the sauna. Had some wine w/ couscous dinner and was super tired when got home at 23h15 but stayed up watching Jim Jamrush! Silly me. Finally went to bed at 00h45.

Feb 13th Sunday had planned to run early but instead had a nice “lie in” and then had big, gorgeous bowl of oatmeal w/ 1/2 banana and dark chocolate and walnuts and a white coffee. Then morning pages and then a BIG RUN — 18 or 19 km! Yeah! From Porte de Clignancourt to Villette all the way down to Bastille and back up the same way. Did some stretching at Bastille and bought a bottle of water which I consumed all the way up to Villette. Used half of it to mix with the power aid. Felt good about the hydration level. Blisters weren’t hurting at all, which I was very relieved about. Knees started to hurt a bit but I sorted it out. The entire run took about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Weather was cloudy and temperatures were around 6-7 degrees. One layer on the bottom, leg warmers, new shoes, 4 layers on top. Black skull cap and black gloves. Lots of sweet tunes to carry me along. Took a shower then a nap then got up and had a very healthy late lunch – spinach omelet and mâche and small bowl of delicious carrot-rudibega soup (Covent Garden). Then more lounging around and relaxing. Been on skype and stuff all evening. Will watch Jim Jamrush again then go to sleep…..zzzzzzz.


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