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Can we start tapering now?

Tues 15 February 2011. Ran 9 km intervals – Aide et Action entrainement collectif avec coach Tri Duc.

Wow, excellent training session in a big group. Worked really hard! Did 9 x 250m intervals uphill! More times than not, I slowed down around halfway up the hill, but at least I tried! We took a break then 2 more to finish. Each lap was 500 m and we did 11 laps + 2km warm up + 1 km cool down. Was really proud to have participated.

Friday 18 February 2011. 13h20 to 14h00 Run 7.2 km at the stade – in 41 minutes. Yeah! Great stuff!

Saturday 19 February 2011.  ParisFit Group run. M: Chateau de Vincennes, front chateau, across from Le Bonhomme de Bois Ave de Paris. We followed the actual route of the half marathon. Did 13 or 14 km in the rain, rather slowly, and did much of it by myself. Sally and Alex caught up to me around 6 km, and we did the stretch up to the hotel de ville together. The entire session took about 90 minutes.


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