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2 week countdown…

Monday 21st February – 7 degrees and misty outside. Ran 6.4 km (8 laps) around the outer ring of the stadium.

Pace – some bursts of speed but mainly rather slow. Didn’t take the usual mp3 player, took the mini which doesn’t have a clock. But I think I ran for about 40 minutes or so.

Tuesday 22nd February – Late night (9 pm) ran for 40 minutes on the treadmill. Rather sluggish so mixed in some walking when needed, but also some a few inclines and speedy moments as well. The bulk: hovering around 10 km/hr. Wore some pants that were too big and had no drawstring so was frustrated to have to keep pulling them up during the run. Will add those to the giveaway clothes bag!

Although I much prefer training outside when weather permits, I do like the treadmill as it reveals exactly how fast or slow I’m going. Then to the sauna for 10 minutes of heat. Delightful.

Wednesday 23rd Feb – set up my fundraising page and donated 20 euros to Aide et Action.  Now I just need to reach out to others to ask for donations!

Thursday 24th February – Group run w/ Aide et Action at La Villette. For once, close to my ‘hood! This was pegged as an easy run, but we ended up doing about 6.1 km in about 32 minutes. Super speedy for me, a really tough run!! Weather – some rain drops though not too cold, about 10 degrees. Hot lavender bath, light dinner of salmon on toast and broccoli and wine. Now cookies, tea, and an edisode 4 of season 3 of The Wire. Then bed!!!

Saturday 26th February. Later start than planned but who’s counting?! Exploration le long du Quai de l’Ourcq et le Chemin de Halage de Pantin, une dernière longue balade avant le semi marathon. Took but to Villette, then ran out and back and took a bike home from Villette. Maybe about 7 km? Beautiful sunny skies in the morning but then it got a bit cloudy, maybe 7 degrees. Running out had wind behind me, but on the way back, was running into the wind which was so strong I could barely hear the music coming through my headphones.


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