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One week to go!

Tapering is difficult.

Sunday 28 February to market for fresh produce so I can be well stocked on food this week.

Cooked up my famous cauliflour and leek soup at night. Soaked black beans.

Monday steamed up some brown rice and cooked the black beans.


Training schedule calls for 2 short runs of 30 minutes each. C’est tout! The book suggests meditating in place of the runs. That’s hard to do. I’ve been really busy with work and meetings and the opening of the Gaité Lyrique and outings and usual stuff. Hard to stay put. I am a bit anxious about the race.

Tuesday 1 March 11:30 run on the track. Sunny skies and gorgeous springlike 8 degrees. Nice 4.8 km in about 25 minutes.

Send my request for procuration for the Aide et Action folks to pick up my bib and t-shirt so I don’t have to go to Vincennes before Sunday. Hope it arrives to them on time!

Donations are pouring in for Aide et Action – Wednesday was a huge day. Won’t be long now before I reach my goal.

Trying to get to bed by midnight & get up by 8 every day but that’s also proving challenging. Eating’s a bit haywire as well and blood sugars are all over the place. Need to relax.

Today is Thursday night 3 March after crashing from exhaustion on the couch for a semi nap for 45 minutes, went to the gym and ran on the track. Wasn’t my best ever — was really strong but didn’t keep the momentum going and cut back to a walk once mid-through and then for the last 6 minutes. Can’t win ’em all. Did lots of stretching and feel good.

Now 22:12 pm. Drawing a nice hot bath with Himalayan bath salts. Will soak and then watch episode 3 of Season 4 of The Wire THEN BED!

Fundraising update: at 90% of goal. Just need 50 euros…

So ready for Sunday!

Just sang myself a half marathon song in the bathtub!


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