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Come to Mama !

Ok baaaaaaaaaaack. Been ages but I am inspired to blog about the Mama Event taking place at Montmartre this weekend.

This largely music-industry event features conferences, debates and concerts for 2 days in bars and venues around Montmartre. I am fortunate to have scored a press pass and am reporting on events and concerts on Twitter. Quite enjoyed the Indie labels conference yesterday at the Centre Barbara. See Twitter @LadyMissMBA (hashtag #mamaevent #indielabels) for the juicy details!

I will soon be heading out again but before I forget wanted to point out some of the great shows I saw last night… Gush (France) at the Cigale, SOLDOUT at the Bus Palladium, a ´private concert’ by Giedre playing guitar in a booth behind the vitrine of the Sexodrome (of course they ran out of headphones so I had to ask until someone in the crowd was kind enough to share his and let me listen to the songs. I also saw Lilly Wood & the Prick play at La Boule Noir, and finally, a fabulous Tete at the Centre Barbara. The perfect way to end my evening! If I can figure out how to upload photos, I will do so… Until then, I´m off for another day of conferences and concerts at Mama. Stay tuned!



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